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Neri Motori celebrates the opening of the new plant

Neri Motori celebrates the opening of the new plant in San Giovanni in Persiceto with its first major institutional and Open Day event

Neri Motori, from seventy years excellence in the design and production of asynchronous electric motors, has inaugurated a new plant on Friday 18 November 2016.
Set on the global market without ever abandoning its roots, the company decided to invest again in San Giovanni in Persiceto, birthplace and development of the brand.
The inauguration of the building that stands next to the historic one has been transformed, under the wise leadership of the sole director Aldo Neri, into a real large-scale institutional event.
The event involved all the employees and their families, who had the opportunity to visit the spaces where their loved ones work every day. A recognition of the joint efforts of the Neri family and of the many professionals, consultants and suppliers who participated in the project. The great party took place in the presence of personalities such as the mayor of San Giovanni in Persiceto, Lorenzo Pelegatti and Sant'Agata Bolognese Giuseppe Vicinelli. The area set up for the occasion next to the new warehouse positively impressed everyone present for the attention placed in the overall layout and the combination between aesthetics and security of the guests.

Beginning with the welcome speech of the sole director to everyone present, the evening accompanied the participants with several intense and sometimes touching moments. The words of the mayor Lorenzo Pelegatti followed those of Neri for a brief intervention confirming the trust and esteem in the work carried out so far by the company in the territory. The latter then delivered a plaque commemorating the event, establishing mutual understanding and esteem.
Strong emotions also for the employees, rushed to withdraw a present from Mr. Neri to all of them. After the ribbon cutting ceremony, the evening was transformed into Open Day: the guests and the families of the employees had the opportunity to visit the offices and places of production of the company, accompanied on a guided tour in the environments that the their loved ones live every day.
A solid presence in the territory that is growing, Neri Motori confirms itself as a stable reality, capable of transmitting heat and passion out of the ordinary. The buffet dinner, following the ceremony, was accompanied by music with dj set and hip hop dances of the No Comment company that animated the evening and involved all those present with the numbers of high popularity until late at night.
Recalling the words of the sole Director Aldo Neri, son of the founder Walter, the principle and purpose of Neri Motori can be described with this quote taken from the writer Susanna Tamaro: "With bricks you build, with roots you grow".
This was the opening reference of Mr. Neri, who around 7.00 pm welcomed his guests with a welcome speech inside the inaugurated building, which includes the reception, the research and development offices and the new logistics area. Through a journey through time and in the company's history, Aldo Neri wanted to remember the roots that made Neri Motori strong and great: the passion, tenacity, enthusiasm of his father Walter and of all those people- family members and employees - who believed in his dream, helping him to preserve it and bring it forward through the generations.

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